Vanessa Espinoza

Vanessa Espinoza has been a professional photographer for over 5 years with a background in art and graphic design. She is skilled in portraiture and event photography with a passion in fashion photography. 

Vanessa started her career in retouching and slowly transitioned into photography. With help from photography books, youtube, and the internet she became engrossed in the subject and dedicated all her spare time studying and practicing the craft. Slowly she earned and saved enough money to start purchasing the equipment she needed. She learned and studied everything she could about shutter speeds, ISO, apertures, and lighting techniques, Vanessa quickly started to improve and create stunning images. Vanessa now shoots runway shows, trade shows, lookbooks, events, and beauty photography.

If you would like to inquire about rates or bookings for local and international fashion shows, lookbooks, campaigns, test shoots and exclusive special events, or are interested in purchasing existing photos, email Vanessa Espinoza at